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Buy Gold Online in Charlotte, North Carolina

Many investors purchase gold bars and coins to grow long-term wealth. The precious metal has historically increased in value over time, attracting numerous investors. The case is no different in Charlotte.

Many Charlotte residents invest in gold to diversify their portfolios with stable and long-term growth assets. As such, Charlotte residents can browse various types of gold investments from the gold sellers listed below.

Types of Precious Metals Investments

If you’re considering gold investing in Charlotte, NC, the most popular assets are gold coins, bars, and IRAs.

Invest in a Gold IRA in Charlotte

Charlotte residents can contact a local or online gold dealer to set up their gold IRA. The latter will walk you through the setup process. They will also help you choose a custodian, IRS-approved gold products, and a depository.

If you already have a traditional IRA account, you can roll it over into a gold IRA.

Buy Gold and Silver Coins, Bars, and Bullions Online in Charlotte

Popular gold coins:
U.S. Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle
U.S. American Eagle
Canadian Maple Leaf
Mexican Libertad
Chinese Gold Panda
British Sovereign
South African Krugerrand
Austrian Philharmonic
American Buffalo
Australian Kangaroo
British Britannia
Popular gold bars:
PAMP Suisse
Sunshine Minting
Perth Mint
Holy Land Mint

Coin Mints in Charlotte

In 1799, North Carolina became the site of the first gold rush in U.S. history. As a result, an act was passed authorizing the creation of U.S Mint facilities in Charlotte, which coined southern gold from 1838 until the Civil War in 1861.

The Charlotte Mint was the first U.S. branch mint. It produced the first quarter eagle and half eagle gold coins. It also made a small number of $5 gold coins. All gold coinage from the Charlotte Mint has a “C” mint mark to distinguish it from other mints.

Over time, most of the coins have been melted or damaged. As a result, Charlotte Mint gold coins are scarce and extremely rare, making them highly sought-after among gold collectors and investors.

Since 1836, the Charlotte Mint has become the Mint Museum of Art – North Carolina’s oldest art museum. It showcases art exhibitions, live performances, and educational programs.

Precious Metals Buying Guide by State

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