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ASML Invests Millions

ASML and Eindhoven Tech University to Invest $195M in Semiconductor Research

Posted on May 29, 2024
Writer: James Miller

ASML, a leading supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and Eindhoven University of Technology announced a joint investment of 180 million euros ($195 million) in semiconductor research over the next decade.

The partnership aims to enhance semiconductor research by building an advanced cleanroom facility at Eindhoven University in The Netherlands.

The university will contribute 100 million euros, while ASML will invest 80 million euros. This collaboration is expected to increase the availability of PhDs and provide valuable scientific insights for the chip industry.

In addition to this partnership, the Dutch government announced a 2.7 billion dollar investment in March, named “Project Beethoven,” to improve infrastructure in the Eindhoven region. This is to ensure ASML remains in the Netherlands and doesn’t move operations abroad.

ASML has plans to expand near Eindhoven’s airport, potentially accommodating 20,000 additional employees. The company, based in Veldhoven, had 42,000 employees globally at the end of 2023, with 23,000 in the Netherlands. 

ASML projects its annual sales to reach 44 to 60 billion euros by 2030, nearly doubling from 26.7 billion euros in 2023.

For more information, read the full article on Reuters.

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